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I make things with HTML


Hi! 👋 I'm Sylvia and I am passionate about coding. I'm a Web Developer familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, C#, MySQL, and React.

I recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in Web Development and Administration.

I am currently looking for positions in Web Development to take my programming skills to the next level. I created this website to showcase some of my personal projects as well as to share my contact information.

Please feel free to send me a message if you're interested in working with me. I'm excited to hear from you!


C#/.NET Payroll System
Payroll System Web Application
This project was built using C#.NET. Focusing on design, coding, scripting, as well as database connectivity.
Omnifood Food Delivery
Omnifood Premium Food Delivery
A one-page landing site of a fictitious food delivery company.
Jamming React Web Application
Jamming Web Application
Created with React and the Spotify API. Jamming allows users to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist, then save it to their Spotify account.
Ravenous Restaurant Search App
Ravenous Web Application
A Yelp-Like project created with React and the Yelp API to return business information and sort responses by Best Match, Highest Rated and Most Reviewed.
Responsive Email with HTML
Hero Email
Responsive Email focusing on HTML, CSS, and inline styles.
Responsive Email with HTML
Evite Email
Responsive Email focusing on HTML, CSS, and inline styles.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
Specialization: Web Development and Administration
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